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Terms of service for users

These Terms of Use are the terms of use of "Podbit" which is a comprehensive platform for e-commerce on the Podbit mobile application provided by Podbit Co., Ltd. ("Company"). Yes, it applies to everyone who uses all electronic applications.

Article 1 (Available)

  1. These Terms of Use specify the rights and obligations between the company and the user (defined in Article 2, point 6) and between the user in relation to the use of the service (defined in Article 2, point 5). It is intended and applicable to all users involved in the use of this service.
  2. When using this service, users must register as a member (defined in Article 2, Item 1) in accordance with Article 4, if necessary, and have the right to be an exhibitor (defined in Article 2, point 11). When registering a product (defined in Article 2, point 2) and selling the target product to other consumers, the buyer (Article 2) must be subject to the "Terms of Use" set separately by the Company. When purchasing a target product from a seller using this service (defined in No. 12), the "Terms of Use" set by the Company apply. In addition, the consumer places the target product in the Bidding (defined in Article 2 Article 14) is the Biddingeer (defined in Article 2, No. 15) and requests the bidding for the target product from other consumers. In that case, if the "conditions of use of the bidder" are determined separately from By the company and the bidder on the target product at the Bidding using this service as the bidder (defined in Article 2, point 13) "Bidding" Terms of use of the buyer " Determined by the company to apply.
  3. Regulatory rules. Etc. In connection with this Service, which we occasionally publish on the Website, this Service (defined in Article 2, Item 4) shall form part of this Agreement.
  4. By using the Services, users are deemed to have accepted the contents of these Terms of Use.

Article 2 (Definition)

The terms used in these Terms of Use are set out below.

  1. "Member" is a general term for a user who is registered as a Podbit user or a Podbit commercial user based on Article 4.
  2. "Target products" are electronics, etc.
  3. "Intellectual property" means the copyright, intellectual property, utility, trademark, design and other intellectual property rights (obtaining those rights or applying for registration, etc. for those rights). Including the right to do.)
  4. "This Service Site" includes a dedicated website of this service operated by our company under the domain name "PottBid.com" "PottBid.app" (including a website operated by a subdomain of "PottBid.com" and If the domain or content of our website is changed regardless of the above, it means the website after the change).
  5. "This Service" refers to consumers who wish to sell targeted products and target products under the name "Company" offered in the "Podbit Store", a comprehensive platform for online trading of targeted products operating. . By the company. Registration of the corresponding platform (buying and selling support) services of the user who wants to buy (if the name or content of the service is changed for any reason, it means the service after the change) and the name " Bidding. ” It is a general term for an online Bidding service that consumers who want to sell products and consumers who want to buy products featured in the Podbit mobile app can participate.
  6. "User" means the person using the service, regardless of whether they are registered as members.
  7. "External Podcast Service" is a social networking service defined by our company, provided by Facebook and other businesses, such as user authentication, friendly display and display of content on external social networks. . Services that are functional and are used to perform this service.
  8. "External Podcast Supplier" means the provider of an external Podbit service.
  9. "External Podcast Terms of Use" means the conditions under which the external Podbit Operator defines the rights relationship between the User and the External Podbit Operator.
  10. "Personal information" is information that can identify a specific user (information that can be easily gathered with other information, thereby identifying a specific user included) and a personal identification code.
  11. "Vendor" means a person who is registered as a consumer, supplier, and intended to list a target product in a podcast market.
  12. "Buyer" means a corporation or sole proprietorship that is registered as a Podbit commercial user and a person who intentionally uses the Service.
  13. You can not use our services if your account is not registered or your account has not been verified.
  14. Please bid for the goods you think you really want and are satisfied
  • If you win an Bidding, you must buy it.
  • In case you win the bid and do not take it twice, we automatically close your Bidding account.
  • You can not bid on your goods because it is against our policy
  • The seller can sell his goods in the form of Bidding only if the seller is a partner with our company
  • When you make a bid means that you have entered into a contract in our bidding contract
  • You can not cancel or cancel your bid
  • Be careful and cautious when bidding on multiple items
  • If you know the seller, you can not bid to make the item more expensive.

Article 3: Law on not receiving advertisements

1. The purpose of PottBid Buy & Sell in determining the advertising rules:

PottBid Buy & Sell aims to give advertisers equal rights to buy and sell. In order to reduce all risks in the online advertising business, all advertisers must abide by the laws and regulations of Cambodia.

2. Prohibitions and Terms of Use in Advertising:

  1. Naked
  2. Drugs
  3. Prohibited and endangered species
  4. Illegal products and services
  5. Counterfeit goods
  6. Tobacco
  7. Weapons and explosives
  8. Products that have expired or do not have a valid date
  9. Messages related to politics, religion, social criticism
  10. Trading of all types of stock markets and financial markets
  11. Unacceptable or illegal investment business practices, sensitive content, disturbing and affecting the rights of others

Terms of application:

  1. PottBid Buy & Sell shall not be liable for any risks associated with the advertising, purchase or sale of prohibited products or services. Of Cambodia.
  2. Advertisers or sellers must not include inappropriate, inaccurate, misleading advertisements or messages promoting prohibited products and services, as well as excessive discounts.

Disadvantages of violating advertising conditions:

  1. Close the trading account permanently
  2. Report to the appropriate authorities and face the law.

Tips for personal safety:

Sellers and buyers need to be aware of their respective risks to ensure safety We recommend that buyers and sellers meet in person only when necessary to inspect the product or purchase at a safe location. Avoid prepayments and be very careful when buying or selling high value items.

Thank you!