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PottBid recognizes the importance of protecting personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act (please note: Privacy Act) In the following, we will endeavor to properly protect the privacy of our personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. This is called the "Privacy Policy"). Unless otherwise stated in this Privacy Policy, the terms of this Privacy Policy are subject to the provisions of the Privacy Act.

Article 1 Definition of Personal Information

In the Privacy Policy, this means the personal information defined by Article 2 of the Privacy Act.

Article 2: Purpose of Use of Personal Information

We use personal information for the following purposes:

  1. To help improve our services and develop new services
  2. For application, withdrawal contract, exchange of information, registration, contract renewal / renewal instructions and certification procedures for our services
  3. For billing our service fee based on the terms of use or the price of the products offered by our company
  4. To confirm the investigation or answer any questions received regarding the company or services provided by our company.
  5. To provide information on technical support such as failure information and maintenance information provided by our company.
  6. To achieve the purpose of use for consent obtained after the public disclosure of the purpose of use when providing our services.
  7. Respond to actions that violate our privacy policy. Etc. Related to our services
  8. For other services related requests, such as announcements that may be useful to customers, such as new services, new products, functional improvements, advertising, direct messaging, telephone guidance. Etc.
  9. Delivery, distribution of gifts, etc. and ask for your cooperation in the questionnaire conducted by our company.
  10. Based on the registered personal information will be collected as statistical information in a range that can not be specified individually, will be used as a reference for the development of services that are useful to customers.
  11. For our services provided by companies and services related to the management of our users.
  12. Your information may be disclosed to relevant partners, such as employees, officials, business partners and company agents in any case necessary. In addition, the Company may disclose your personal information in situations required by law regarding any legal action or proceedings, if any.
  13. To give companies the right to exercise and protect their legal rights (including providing information to other parties for the purpose of preventing fraud and reducing credit risk). Except as provided in this Privacy Policy, the Company will not share your information with third parties.
  14. For job management and internal procedures (personal information of officers and employees) For other purposes, incidentally to the above purpose of use.

Article 3: Change of Purpose of Use of Personal Information

Companies may change the purpose of their use of personal information, which is recognized as "reasonable" if there is a change in the person who is the subject of the personal information (hereinafter referred to as "person"). Will be notified or issued an announcement.

Article 4 Restrictions on the Use of Personal Information

We will not control personal information beyond the scope necessary to achieve the intended use without the consent of the individual, except as permitted by the Privacy Act and other applicable laws. However, it does not apply in the following cases:

  1. When required by law
  2. When it is necessary to protect a person's physical life or property and it is difficult to get that person's consent.
  3. When necessary, especially to improve public health or promote the development of children's voices, it is difficult to obtain human consent
  4. When necessary for national institutions, local public institutions or persons assigned to cooperate in matters specified in laws and regulations, and the work is carried out with the consent of the individual. When there is a risk of interference.

Article 5: Access to appropriate personal information

We receive accurate personal information and will not receive it through fraud or other improper means. Except in the following cases, we will not receive sensitive personal information (meaning what is defined). Article 2 of the Personal Information Protection Act) without the prior consent of the individual. When any element of Article 4 applies.

Sensitive personal information is disclosed by individuals, national organizations, local public entities, individuals contained in each list of different laws and regulations.

​Article 6: Minors use our services

Parents or guardians must guide and monitor minors when using our services. We encourage minors to tell their parents or guardians access (privacy policy) and advise minors before filling out personal information to request permission and guidance. From a parent or guardian first.

Article 7: Scope of the Privacy Policy

In addition to our Bidding services and other services can all be used with this (Privacy Policy) and the Bidding service can also be used in conjunction with (Privacy Policy) as well. Please note that the terms (privacy policy) are not applicable to other companies.

Article 8: Corrections

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice. If we make changes to these policies, we will disclose these to you by posting on the Website, sending a message or notifying you in various ways for your review, and after you review and continue using our Services. I then agree to the new terms of this Privacy Policy.

​Thank you!