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Artificial Intelligent in Renovation

Artificial Intelligent in Renovation

3 Jul 2021

Does it mean that the more quotes you can get means the better the quotation will become? Upon submission of renovation inquiry by homeowners to any renovation online portal, the portal will send the information out to multiple various renovation contractors.

Thereafter, there will be tons of calls calling in from various renovation contractors that will lead the situation to become uncontrollable, eventually, you will get very frustrated on answering these phone calls. Besides, keep on repeat and repeat the same message over and over again. Additionally, the situation may get messy if this particular renovation portal is not handling it appropriately.

To solve these matter, the Ministry of Renovation (MOR) created a section in the tendering project pre-fix form with a mandatory question, there will be a question asking how many quotations you are expecting, you can select 5, 10, 15, or more quotations selection which you can limit down the number of renovation contractors calling upon submission.

With this evaluation, you can feel more comfortable when reaching out to various renovation contractors and do not need to worry about thousands of phone calls calling in from various renovation contractors company unknowingly anymore. Furthermore, the Ministry of Renovation (MOR) had also developed a security artificial intelligence (AI) function to informed homeowners which renovation contractors had retrieved their tender information. As such, you will be mentally prepared on which renovation contractors will be calling you soon.

So, you can now feel comfort upon tendering your project. If you have a shop or office to renew or shift, why not try out the Ministry of Renovation tendering web portal. Lastly, saving up all your time and effort sourcing around entire Singapore for renovation contractors where you already have a directory on hand that lets renovation contractors source for you instead.

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