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CaseTrust in Ministry of Renovation (MOR)

CaseTrust in Ministry of Renovation (MOR)

14 Jun 2021

Frequently, we will hear of CaseTrust, Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE), a non-profit, non-government organization that is dedicated to protecting consumers’ interest through information and education, promoting an environment of fair and ethical trade practices ((CASE), 2020). CaseTrust is certified as a business accreditation that possesses the foundation for good sales practices which covers aspects such as clear fee policies, well-defines business practices and systems, and well-trained personnel ((CASE), 2020). Renovation trades are usually the hot topics in CaseTrust which usually fetching a high volume of complaints by most homeowners in the renovation.

For instance, on 29 Aug 2017, the renovation contractor industry had been among the top 10 numbers of complaints (TIMES, 2017) received by the CaseTrust, Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE). Perhaps, Mr. Loy York Jiun (CASE executive director) stresses that homeowners should ensure that the contractor is registered with Housing Development Board (HDB) before engagement. Additionally, the payment for services should be rendered progressively as the renovation continues, and full payment should not be made upfront (NEWSASIA, 2017). Alternatively, the Ministry of Renovation also recommends homeowners to break down the payment as the project progress to prevent renovation scammer to have the opportunity to invade.

Moreover, in Aug 2014 ((CASE), 2020), CaseTrust has a joint accreditation scheme with Singapore Renovation Contractors and Material Suppliers Association (RCMA), created a deposit performance bond that safeguards deposit against closure, or winding up of businesses in Singapore. Ministry of Renovation (MOR) will also stick closely with CaseTrust, Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) updating the news related to renovation trades. This will create a one-stop renovation news portal for everyone to read through rather than going around sourcing for renovation news to follows and updates.






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