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Follow the LAW

Follow the LAW

2 Jul 2021

Commonly, we knew that we will need to follow the building management rules and regulations for all the renovation guidelines upon conducting any renovation works for any retail shop or office within the building. This is to minimize any risk of accident that may happen during the renovation or causing any unnecessary troubles for the worker, neighbors, or the community. As such, the business owner has to obey the laws of the building management to prevent any warning, fine, or even stop-work order issue.

For an instant, upon renovating a retail shop in a shopping mall, due to the aesthetic and charismatic visual experience that need to provides for the community during normal operating hours, some building management will require the business owner to put up a hoarding board with “wallpaper” or any “sticker” or “decal” to be paste outside the retail shop hoarding board for advertisement or visual experience purposes during the renovation period. Additionally, the requirement to put up the lift padding while using the lift to uplift and disposal of loads together with corrugated paper to be lay on the floor while transporting the renovation loads like cement, tiles, and many more.

Although these costs cannot be saved, however, some costs still can be saved if you happened to engage an experienced renovation contractor that knows the ways to discuss and negotiate with the right person from the building management, MCST. Cases like doing non-noisy works during a non-official renovation working hours such as fixing of furniture, sticking of wall decal or wallpaper, or sometimes even painting works.

Upon tendering the projects in the Ministry of Renovation (MOR) web portal, you will be able to meet many renovation contractors and renovators. Hence, the price may not be the only factor to look into whereas, the experience and efficiency of the renovation contractors or renovators is also a factor to consider while renovating a retail shop or offices.

Thus, you can also go into the Ministry of Renovation (MOR) service section to find out more about the renovation contractors’ company details and read about the history comment reviews and ratings before engaging them. To conclude, this will deeply help every business owner and homeowner to save up tons of time to research every company respectively.

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