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Ministry of National Development (MND) (Town Council) in Ministry of Renovation (MOR)

Ministry of National Development (MND) (Town Council) in Ministry of Renovation (MOR)

12 Jun 2021

Town council, every Singaporean will know town council that located in around the Housing Development Board (HDB) estates unless you are a foreigner or just moved into Singapore then, you may not know what town council is mean for. Perhaps, Town council manages the common property of the Housing Development Board (HDB) residential flats and commercial property within the town ((MND), 2019) that developed by the Ministry of National Development (MND) such as the playground, park, and many more. Singaporean or anybody that stays in the Housing Development Board (HDB) residential flats is mandatory to pay the conservatives service fees every month for cleaners or workers to maintain the lift, lighting, cleaning of corridors, washing of flats, and many more.

Alternatively, this also applies to private properties such as condominiums for the conservative fees, landed properties, and even offices or shophouses, just that the management is different, they are mostly called Management Corporation Strata Title (MCST).

Moving ahead into Housing Development Board (HDB) residential flats, some homeowners may not get aware that they are allowed to throw 3 numbers of big bulky items every month (COUNCIL, 2019) that will be cleared away by town council cleaner. Thus, homeowners do not need to spend any money hiring haulage contractors to throw the bulky items for them.

Furthermore, this can be very costly when comes to renovation for the new home buyer as renovators will be charging homeowners for the haulage to throw for every item respectively. To further illustrate, a situation can be like the existing homeowner that needs to clear away their old bulky furniture like dining table, sofa, and even mattress but leave it for the new homeowners to clear. Hence, this can cause much unhappiness and money where it can all be solved for “free” (COUNCIL, 2021).

Finally, the Ministry of Renovation (MOR) will however update homeowners if there is news from the Ministry of National Development (MND) and updates the community in the MOR news portal.






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