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Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) in Ministry of Renovation (MOR)

Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) in Ministry of Renovation (MOR)

13 Jun 2021

Perhaps, what is the relationship between Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) (SCDF, 2019) and renovation? The rules of fire safety by SCDF, usually comply with housing developers when building the building like condos or flats, it is required to apply for Fire Safety Certification submission during construction works. Hence, it does not usually affect residential homeowners in Housing and Development Board (HDB) or condominiums.

Nevertheless, renovating a commercial retail shop or office will require an engaging qualified person to submit a floorplan with the fire exit route to Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) for approval and obtain the Fire Safety Certification for the premises before you can occupy the premises.

First of all, in order to start fire safety works before any renovation starts, a proposed work must be lodges under the Minor Addition/Alteration lodgment (MAA) scheme. Hence, this will be carried out within approval retail shops or office spaces that have to a obtain Temporary Fire Permit or Fire Safety Certificate. A private company that needs to renovate their offices or any retail shop in a shopping mall or any commercial building, it is mandatory to know this procedure before renovation work starts. Hence, the renovators will need to be experienced renovators to advise you on how and what to do to prevent any errors to happen during the renovation periods. On the Ministry of Renovation portal, homeowners or private company bosses is able to view every renovator’s company portfolio for the reviews and past done-up job site to understand the level of experience for commercial projects before any decision is made for the renovation.

For an instant, in areas like commercial shops or offices, the erection of partition is considered as fire safety works and there is a need to engage a qualified person to submit to Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) for approval (SCDF, 2019). The partition may be blocking the fire sprinkler head causing the water to be blocked by partition in the event of a fire outbreak in the premises, causing life in danger. Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) may stringent the rules and regulations as and when, which Ministry of Renovation will be updating the latest rules to the community.





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